Uttar pradesh public service commission for Today Tuesday, 25 June 2019



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Out of these, which is an area of heavy rainfall?

    A. Rajasthan
    B. Delhi
    C. West Bengal
    D. Jammu and Kashmir

Question 2: How is magma formed from metamorphic rocks?

    A. Solidification
    B. Condensation
    C. Melting
    D. Cooling

Question 3: Punjab is an area of what rainfall?

    A. Heavy rainfall
    B. Scanty rainfall
    C. Moderate rainfall
    D. No rainfall

Question 4: What was the most important feature of the Indus Valley Civilization?

    A. Bathroom Planning
    B. Road Planning
    C. Town Planning
    D. Cultivation Planning

Question 5: Which states among these was conquered by Alauddin Khilji in the beginning of his reign?

    A. Pataliputra
    B. Brahmaputra
    C. Magadha
    D. Ranthambore

Question 6: Who declared the Purna Swaraj independence?

    A. Indian National congress
    B. East India Company
    C. Viceroy
    D. Governor

Question 7: The number of Million Cities of India in 2001 was

    A. 15
    B. 25
    C. 35
    D. 45

Question 8: Name the Chinese President who visited India during November 2006.

    A. *Ziang Zamin
    B. Hu Jintao
    C. Bo Xilai
    D. Hu Chang*

Question 9: Expand the term IPCC:

    A. International Pollution Control Council
    B. International Panel of Climate Control
    C. Interim Panel of Climate Change
    D. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Question 10: When does cyclical unemployment occur?

    A. low demand
    B. high demand
    C. low supply
    D. high supply

Question 11: Under which section of SBI Act are the Managing directors of SBI selected?

    A. 19 a
    B. 19 b
    C. 19 c
    D. 19 d

Question 12: When was the first bank of India introduced?

    A. 1770
    B. 1772
    C. 1774
    D. 1778

Question 13: What is the phenomenon of freezing point depression called?

    A. cryomorphy
    B. cryoscopy
    C. cryology
    D. cryography

Question 14: what are isotopes? Elements having........

    A. Same atomic no diffrent mass no
    B. Same mass no diffrent atomic no
    C. Same atomic no and mass no
    D. different atomic no diffrerent mass no

Question 15: By which symbol does sodium is represented as..

    A. So
    B. Nd
    C. Na
    D. Nm

Question 16: What can mitotic cell division create?

    A. progeny
    B. quadrillions
    C. genome
    D. gamete

Question 17: What type of a hormone is Epinephrine?

    A. Thyroid
    B. steroid
    C. amino acids
    D. cholestrol

Question 18: There are two reactions occuring during photosynthesis. What is the other name of the dark reaction of photosynthesis?

    A. Night cycle
    B. Calvin Cycle
    C. Krebs cycle
    D. Hilis Reaction

Question 19: What does EPIC stand for?

    A. Electoral Photo Identity Cards
    B. Election Photo Identity Code
    C. Election Planning Identification Code
    D. Electoral Projecting Identification Centre

Question 20: In which year was Objectives Resolution drafted?

    A. 1945
    B. 1946
    C. 1947
    D. 1949

Question 21: On which day was Madurai Collectorate protest held?

    A. 07 th October
    B. 07 th December
    C. 07 th July
    D. 07 th September

Question 22: Who can dissolve the meetings of Lok Sabha?

    A. Prime Minister
    B. Governor
    C. President
    D. Speaker

Question 23: Which Article deals with the total number of members of Lok Sabha?

    A. Article No. 80
    B. Article No 81
    C. Article No 82
    D. Article No 83

Question 24: Judges of High courts and Supreme Courts are appointed by the President ---- this statement is

    A. Ture
    B. FALSE
    C. May be
    D. May not be

Question 25: What is the most commonly used unit of energy?

    A. Newton
    B. Ampere
    C. Joules
    D. Joules per second

Question 26: Length is a what type of quantity?

    A. qualitative
    B. quantitative
    C. physical
    D. magnitudal

Question 27: As an object gets closer to the focal point of a convex lens from infinity, its image

    A. becomes smaller
    B. is magnified
    C. becomes closer to the lens
    D. becomes farther from the lens

Question 28: Where were Imperial units most commonly used?

    A. Britain
    B. America
    C. French
    D. Russia

Question 29: Plants take nitrogen from soil with the help of roots, following which process?

    A. adsorption
    B. processing
    C. fixation
    D. absorption

Question 30: What does IUD stand for?

    A. Intra Uterine Devices
    B. Internal Uterine Devices
    C. Inter Uretine Devices
    D. Insert Uretine Devices

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