Upsc ias preliminary csat for Today Tuesday, 25 June 2019



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Which distributory is left over by Ganga, in West Bengal, before it enters Bangladesh?

    A. Hoogly
    B. Saraswati
    C. Meghna
    D. Bhagirati

Question 2: How many known natural satellites have been discovered yet in the solar system?

    A. 450
    B. 468
    C. 495
    D. 470

Question 3: The organisms of which zone respond to the changes of rivers and its habitat?

    A. riverian
    B. riperian
    C. riparian
    D. rivarian

Question 4: In which Age did the Indus Valley Civilization belong to?

    A. Gold Age
    B. Silver Age
    C. Stone Age
    D. Metal Age

Question 5: What does the word "Pala" stand for?

    A. nature
    B. purity
    C. protection
    D. bravery

Question 6: Who started the construction of Qutub Minar?

    A. Aibak
    B. Aram Shah
    C. Iltutmish
    D. Qubacha

Question 7: The book which is at the centrepiece of the study of Macro-Economics was written by

    A. Prof. J.M. Keynes
    B. Prof. Benham
    C. Prof. Baumol
    D. Prof. Samuelson

Question 8: In India when population of an urban settlement cross 100000 it is called

    A. Town
    B. City
    C. Metropolis
    D. Megalopolis

Question 9: " ""Natural Selection"" is the theory from"

    A. GJ. Mendal
    B. Charles Darwin
    C. T.H. Morgan
    D. None of the above

Question 10: What does UNDP stand for?

    A. United Nations Development Programme
    B. United Nations Direct Price
    C. United Nations Department Institution
    D. United Nations Devaluation Price

Question 11: What was the year of execution of the Mahatma Gandhi Act?

    A. 2003
    B. 2004
    C. 2005
    D. 2006

Question 12: How many Deputy Governors are there in RBI?

    A. 2
    B. 3
    C. 4
    D. 5

Question 13: The acidic property changes the colour of which indicator among these?

    A. chloroform
    B. chlorophyll
    C. phenolphthalein
    D. potassium nitrate

Question 14: The rays that get deflected in a magnetic field are

    A. only gamma rays rays
    B. Only alpha rays
    C. Alpha and beta rays
    D. Beta and gamma rays

Question 15: Which gas is required to extract caffeine?

    A. oxygen
    B. nitrogen
    C. hydrogen
    D. carbon dioxide

Question 16: The organs which secrete hormones are known as

    A. hormone vessels
    B. glands
    C. glandules
    D. lymph nodes

Question 17: Human reproduction results in the form of human ____________.

    A. fertilisation
    B. evolution
    C. development
    D. bonding

Question 18: What are the different components present inside a cell called?

    A. organelles
    B. orgasms
    C. organisms
    D. orpats

Question 19: The first PSC was established in which year?

    A. 1921
    B. 1923
    C. 1926
    D. 1925

Question 20: According to which Article of Indian Constitution people should boound to provide Education Facilities to his / her child ( between 6 to 14 years)?

    A. Article No 51
    B. Article No 51 A
    C. Article No 51 B
    D. Article No 52

Question 21: Under which article was CAG established?

    A. 123
    B. 148
    C. 164
    D. 147

Question 22: Every parents anxious ___________ their children.

    A. of
    B. to
    C. for
    D. upto

Question 23: Doze

    A. Nod off
    B. Nod of
    C. Snoze
    D. Catneap

Question 24: I was asked by my mother whether Ill have dinner back at home.

    A. My mother asked me to have dinner at home.
    B. My mother wanted me to have dinner at home.
    C. My mother was wanting to know " Will You have dinner at home?"
    D. My mother asked " Will you have dinner back at home?"

Question 25: A man travels a distance of 2 km by walking at a speed of 6 km/hr. He returns back at a speed of 4 km/hr. What is his average speed?

    A. 4.5 kmph
    B. 4.8 kmph
    C. 5 kmph
    D. 5.1 kmph

Question 26: A box contains 20 electric bulbs, out of which 4 are defective. Two bulbs are chosen at random from this box. The probability that at least one of these is defective is

    A. 42113
    B. 42204
    C. 42357
    D. 21/95

Question 27: sound is an good example of which of the following

    A. transverse waves
    B. longitudinal waves
    C. both transverse and longitudinal waves
    D. none of waves

Question 28: what are voltage resistors used for

    A. inductive circuits
    B. to supress surges
    C. as heating elements
    D. as current stabilisers

Question 29: Choose the correct option that satisfies the logic behind building the code in the questions.
STEP is coded as BRWX. How can PETS be codes?

    A. XQRB
    B. XWRB
    C. XRBW
    D. XBRW

Question 30: Mr. Roy walks everyday. He starts walking, travelling 20 km towards the North. Then he walks further 21 km to the right. What is the distance he covered and which is the direction he is facing?

    A. 29 km NE
    B. 30 km SW
    C. 10 km NE
    D. 20 km NW

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