Union public service commission for Today Tuesday, 25 June 2019



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: The uppermost area of the source from which a river originates is called?

    A. crepton
    B. crescon
    C. crinon
    D. crenon

Question 2: What is the distance between Earth and Sun, measured in astronomical units?

    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4

Question 3: How much IST is ahead of GMT?

    A. 5 hours
    B. 4.5 hours
    C. 5.5 hours
    D. 4 hours

Question 4: What is the maning of "Anekantavada"?

    A. simplicity
    B. non-violence
    C. non-absolutism
    D. absolutism

Question 5: What was the name of Bindusaras mother?

    A. Biwidhabi
    B. Durdhara
    C. Kumbishala
    D. Mohini

Question 6: To which God is Tirumurai indicated?

    A. Brahma
    B. Vishnu
    C. Shakti
    D. Shiva

Question 7: Breeding of a certain specis of insect is incredible�everyday the total number of such insects in a closed glass jar is double the number on the previous day. There was just one insect in the jar on 1.2.207, and the jar was full to the brim with these on 28.2.2007. On which date of February was the jar quarter-full ?

    A. 7
    B. 14
    C. 26
    D. None of the above

Question 8: Who founded the "School Book Society"?

    A. David Hare
    B. Hyde East
    C. William Jones
    D. Bethune

Question 9: The Indian Grandmaster who won the Commonwealth Chess Championship in 2013 is

    A. Magnus Carlsen
    B. Abhijeet Gupta
    C. Vishwanathan Anand
    D. Koneru Humpy

Question 10: Inflation is adjusted

    A. structurally
    B. quarterly
    C. seasonally
    D. annualy

Question 11: Which was an Act among these to decrease unemployment?

    B. NRDA
    D. IRDP

Question 12: In which month was the RBI set up?

    A. April
    B. June
    C. August
    D. October

Question 13: Which particle among this four cannot be broken into further simple form?

    A. Table salt
    B. Silver
    C. Water
    D. Sugar

Question 14: Through which process is water formed from hydrogen peroxide?

    A. electrolysis
    B. catalysis
    C. disproportionation
    D. distillation

Question 15: What is the taste of acids?

    A. bitter
    B. sour
    C. sweet
    D. tasteless

Question 16: Which, among these, is required to identify diseases in cells?

    A. Swap smear
    B. Rap smear
    C. Rer smear
    D. Pap smear

Question 17: What is common among these two plants- Triggerplant and Sandbox tree (w.r.t locomotion)

    A. consume prey
    B. transpire
    C. spread pollen
    D. disperse seed

Question 18: What is a unique specification of the species diversity?

    A. latitudinal gradients
    B. longitudinal gradients
    C. horizontal gradienys
    D. vertical gradients

Question 19: Who services the UPSC?

    A. Secretariat
    B. Governor
    C. Speaker
    D. Committee members

Question 20: In which state was EVM first used?

    A. West Bengal
    B. Maharashtra
    C. Delhi
    D. Kerala

Question 21: Which Articles are dealing with the Rights of Equality?

    A. From Article No 10 to 14
    B. From Article No 14 to 18
    C. From Article No 18 to 22
    D. From Article No 22 to 26

Question 22: She did not want to go the party. She did not have a proper party wear.

    A. She did not want to go to the party as she did not have a proper party wear.
    B. She did not want to go to the party because she did not have a proper party wear.
    C. She did not want to go to the party since she did not have a proper party wear.
    D. Though she did not have a proper party wear, still she did not want to go to the party.

Question 23: The foreigner was dressed in ethnic; she wanted to get in to the culture of the city

    A. because
    B. therefore
    C. since
    D. as

Question 24: My mother asked me whether I was fine or not.

    A. My mother asked " Are you fine?"
    B. My mother asked " Were you fine?"
    C. My mother wanted to know I was fine or not.
    D. My mother wanted to know " Was I fine?"

Question 25: A student finds the average of 10 positive integers. Each integer contains two digits. By mistake, the boy interchanges the digits of one number say ba for ab. Due to this, the average becomes 1.8 less than the previous one. What was the difference of the two digits a and b?

    A. 8
    B. 6
    C. 4
    D. 2

Question 26: A, B, C and D divide a sum of money among themselves in the ratio 7:4:3:2. If D gets Rs. 500 less than A, find the total amount.

    A. Rs.100
    B. Rs.700
    C. Rs.1600
    D. Rs.2000

Question 27: Which force resists relative motion?

    A. circular force
    B. oscillatory force
    C. frictional force
    D. physical force

Question 28: what are the two factors on which the momentum of a body depends

    A. velocity, time
    B. mass, weight
    C. mass, distance
    D. mass,velocity

Question 29: If MERRY X-MAS stands for SAM- X YRREM, what does RIP VAN WINKLE stand for?


Question 30: 15th august 2010 was which day of the week?

    A. Thursday
    B. Friday
    C. Wednesday
    D. Saturday

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