Union public service commission for Today Saturday, 05 December 2020



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: What is the rank of Indian rail network, in terms of length, in the whole world?

    A. 2
    B. 3
    C. 4
    D. 5

Question 2: What type of rock is a plutonic rock?

    A. Igneous
    B. Metamorphic
    C. Volcanic
    D. Sedimentary

Question 3: How many known natural satellites have been discovered yet in the solar system?

    A. 450
    B. 468
    C. 495
    D. 470

Question 4: What was King Henry declared in the Royal Act of Supremacy?

    A. King of the state
    B. King of the country
    C. Priest of the church
    D. Head of the church

Question 5: What was the original name of Jahangir?

    A. Nur-ud-din Muhammad Salim
    B. Nasir-ud-din Muhammad Salim
    C. Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Salim
    D. Zahir-ud-din-Muhammad Salim

Question 6: What was Pala Empire army evidently known for?

    A. war horses
    B. war camels
    C. war elephants
    D. modern weapons

Question 7: Who was the first independent King of Bengal?

    A. Sasanka
    B. King Ganesh
    C. Gopala
    D. Mahasena Gupta

Question 8: Name one book written by Swami Vivekananda

    A. Kathamrita
    B. Kathamala
    C. Bartaman Bharat
    D. A Nation in Making

Question 9: Who was the painter of the famous `Bharatmata` ?

    A. Gaganendranath Tagore
    B. Abanindranath Tagore
    C. Nandalal Bose
    D. Jamini Roy

Question 10: International trade is not an exchange of what among these?

    A. capital
    B. goods
    C. services
    D. currencies

Question 11: How many major stock exchanges are there in India?

    A. 2
    B. 3
    C. 4
    D. 5

Question 12: What would be the percent of the newly imposed cess on all taxable services?

    A. 0.02
    B. 0.05
    C. 0.06
    D. 0.08

Question 13: In which factor boiling point elevation and molality is considered?

    A. Vant Hoff
    B. Crumiom Scoff
    C. Ebulioscopy constant factor
    D. Mela boil factor

Question 14: What is the gap in the particles called in states of matter?

    A. interparticular space
    B. intraparticular space
    C. intermolecular space
    D. intramolecular space

Question 15: Which unit measure catalytic activity?

    A. moles
    B. moles per second
    C. pascals
    D. pascals per second

Question 16: Locomotion methods have been shaped by which process?

    A. evolution
    B. reproduction
    C. inherritance
    D. natural selection

Question 17: Which cyclin transfers a cell from G1 phase to S phase?

    A. Cyclin D
    B. Cyclin E
    C. Cyclin K
    D. Cyclin C

Question 18: What is the feature of the locomorion method of migratory birds?

    A. light body weight
    B. very less energy consumed
    C. very fast speed of locomotion
    D. less capacity of travel

Question 19: On which date were two election commisssioners added to the Election Commission?

    A. 12 th October
    B. 16 th November
    C. 16 th October
    D. 12 th November

Question 20: What is total duration of a Panchayeti Raj System ?

    A. 3 years
    B. 5 years
    C. 7 years
    D. 9 years

Question 21: In which year EPICs were issued?

    A. 1990
    B. 1991
    C. 1992
    D. 1993

Question 22: Let the person come ________.

    A. then
    B. now
    C. when
    D. later

Question 23: The local people __________ digging the well.

    A. is
    B. are
    C. have
    D. have been

Question 24: Sanity

    A. Average
    B. Lunacy
    C. sunny
    D. Proudy

Question 25:

Ten identical particles are moving randomly inside a closed box. What is the probability that at any given point of time, all the ten particles will be lying in the same half of the box?

    A. 42006
    B. 42014
    C. 42044
    D. 42046

Question 26: A bag contains 50 paise, 1 rupee and 2 rupee coins in the ratio 2:5:8. If the total amount is Rs. 352, find the total number of coins in the bag.

    A. 160
    B. 200
    C. 250
    D. 240

Question 27: who gave the statement that no body begins to move or comes to rest itself

    A. Isaac Newton
    B. Abu ali sena
    C. al kunai
    D. Stephen hawking

Question 28: Which law is applied in work and energy?

    A. law of conservation of energy
    B. law of conservation of mass
    C. law of conservation of force
    D. law of conservation of acceleration

Question 29: My wifes mothers only son is my?

    A. Brother-in-law
    B. Brother
    C. Cousin
    D. Uncle

Question 30: By how many degrees will the minute hand move, when the hour hand moves by 9 degrees.

    A. 84
    B. 126
    C. 108
    D. 90

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