Stenographer for Today Friday, 17 January 2020



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Uttarakhand was a part of which Indian state?

    A. Uttaranchal
    B. Uttar Pradesh
    C. Bihar
    D. West Bengal

Question 2: What does NASA stand for?

    A. National Area and Space Atmosphere
    B. National Atmosphere of Space and Area
    C. National Aeronotics and Space Atmosphere
    D. National Air and Sound Atmosphere

Question 3: What is the full form of ICTZ?

    A. Indian Coastal Time Zone
    B. Inter Convergence Tropical Zone
    C. Indian Convergence Tropical Zone
    D. Inter Climatic Tropical zone

Question 4: What is the meaning of "Kharaj"?

    A. toll tox
    B. land tax
    C. house tax
    D. pasture tax

Question 5: Which of these origin did not include the Aryans?

    A. Greek
    B. German
    C. Russian
    D. Roman

Question 6: Who helped Chandragupta Maurya to set up the Mauryan Empire?

    A. Bindusara
    B. Chanakya
    C. Kalidasa
    D. Peru

Question 7: The 97th Annual Session of the Indian Science Congress was held

    A. Tbiruvananthapuram, Kerala
    B. IIT. Kharagpur, West Bengal
    C. Bangalore, Karnataka
    D. Mumbai, Maharashtra

Question 8: Who discovered South Pole?

    A. Robert Peary
    B. Amundsen
    C. John Cabot
    D. Tasman

Question 9: Euro is the currency of

    A. U.S.A.
    B. European Union member states
    C. U.K.
    D. Japan

Question 10: What is the classification of Indian economy?

    A. G 20 Minor economies
    B. G 15 Minor economies
    C. G 20 Major economies
    D. G 15 Major economies

Question 11: Which is a factor to calculate GDP Deflector apart from Nominal GDP?

    A. Actual GDP
    B. Real GDP
    C. Absolute GDP
    D. Relative GDP

Question 12: Which among these reduces income tax?

    A. high income
    B. high price
    C. expenses
    D. investments

Question 13: Which phenomenon limits the distance between atoms and nuclei?

    A. chemical waves
    B. electromagnetic waves
    C. catalytic waves
    D. matter waves

Question 14: What is the highest temperatue at which a liquid can exist called?

    A. normal temperature
    B. maximum liquedity temperature
    C. critical temperature
    D. mega temperature

Question 15: Acid + Base = Salt + ?

    A. water
    B. Lewis acid
    C. Lewis base
    D. ions

Question 16: How many periods are there in the cell cycle of eukaryotes?

    A. 3
    B. 2
    C. 4
    D. 6

Question 17: What is known as the various life forms on earth?

    A. bioliving
    B. biodiversity
    C. biology
    D. biotic

Question 18: 1 mm of mercury is how much Pascal?

    A. 130
    B. 131
    C. 132
    D. 133

Question 19: What does EVM stand for?

    A. Electronic Voting Measure
    B. Electoral Voting Members
    C. Electronic Voting Machine
    D. Electoral Vision Method

Question 20: What is the minimum age limit to be a member of Rajya Sabha?

    A. 20
    B. 25
    C. 30
    D. 35

Question 21: What does CAG stand for?

    A. Comptroller and Auditor General
    B. Central Auditor General
    C. Celler and Auditor General
    D. Chartered Accountant General

Question 22: shall have done

    A. future perfect
    B. future continuous
    C. simple future
    D. future perfect continuous

Question 23: Somebody

    A. Demonstrative Pronoun
    B. Indefinite Pronoun
    C. Distributive Pronoun
    D. Relative Pronoun

Question 24: Please write the paragraph ______.

    A. now
    B. again
    C. then
    D. before

Question 25: Following is a jumbled word. Choose the correct option that consists of the original word.


Question 26: Following statement followed by four conclusions. Choose the correct conclusion:
I go to church, when I pray to God.

    A. I prayed to God which means I went to the church
    B. I did not pray which means I did not go to the church
    C. I did not go to the church which means I did not pray
    D. Both B and C

Question 27: In which point of Principal axis does parallel rays converge?

    A. curvature
    B. aperture
    C. centre
    D. focus

Question 28: what is an example of impulse

    A. Ns
    B. Ns²
    C. kgm/s²
    D. kgm²/s²

Question 29: Which cars among these are collinear?

    A. 5, 2, 1
    B. 1, 4, 3
    C. 1, 6, 4
    D. 1, 6, 7

Question 30: I ranked third in an exam and my friend ranked third from the last. My sister ranked just the middle of my and my friends rank. If 10 students appeared for the exam, what is my sisters rank?

    A. 4
    B. 5
    C. 6
    D. None of these

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