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  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Non-Ferrous type of minerals are considered which type of minerals?

    A. metallic
    B. non-metallic
    C. acidic
    D. basic

Question 2: In which state, among these, is desert vegetation found?

    A. UttarPradesh
    B. Jharkhand
    C. Uttarakhand
    D. Gujrat

Question 3: What is the average amount of rainfall experienced in Orissa?

    A. 50-100 cm
    B. 100-150 cm
    C. 100-200 cm
    D. 150-200 cm

Question 4: Who was Yijing?

    A. Chinese Buddhist monk
    B. Chinese Brahmin
    C. Chinese mathematician
    D. Chinese priest

Question 5: What was the origin of the Aryans?

    A. Indo-Islamic
    B. Indo-European
    C. Indo-Persian
    D. Indo-Iranian

Question 6: In which Age did the Indus Valley Civilization belong to?

    A. Gold Age
    B. Silver Age
    C. Stone Age
    D. Metal Age

Question 7: India developed RISAT 2 satellite in collaboration with

    A. USA
    B. Russia
    C. France
    D. Israel

Question 8: Khaleda Zia is the Prime Minister of

    A. Pakistan
    B. Bangladesh
    C. Thailand
    D. Algeria

Question 9: The Times of India was first published in

    A. 1875
    B. 1861
    C. 1862
    D. 1858

Question 10: Hechsher and Ohlin are of which origin?

    A. Greece
    B. Russian
    C. Sweden
    D. French

Question 11: What was the year of action of the tenth FYP?

    A. 2000-2005
    B. 2001-2006
    C. 2002-2007
    D. 2003-2008

Question 12: How does the demand curve look like in the demand schedule?

    A. horizontal sloping
    B. upward sloping
    C. downward sloping
    D. vertical sloping

Question 13: Which among these is not a target compound in organic chemistry?

    A. metals
    B. natural products
    C. drugs
    D. polymers

Question 14: Which of the following particle is heaviest?

    A. Proton
    B. Electron
    C. Neutron
    D. Meson

Question 15: The acidic property changes the colour of which paper?

    A. acidic
    B. basic
    C. neutral
    D. litmus

Question 16: Suggested bacterial life live in Mariana Trench was reported in which year?

    A. 2011
    B. 2012
    C. 2013
    D. 2014

Question 17: What is the full-form of RDN in terms of nutrition?

    A. Regular Dietician Nutritionists
    B. Registered Dietician Nutritionists
    C. Regular Domestic Nutritionists
    D. Registered Dietician Nutritionists

Question 18: What is the scientific study of the interaction between plants and organisms called?

    A. ecosystem
    B. ecology
    C. biosystem
    D. biodiversity

Question 19: How many houses are in Indian Parliament?

    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4

Question 20: Which Article deals with the Right to Establish of Educational Institutions for the Minorities?

    A. Article No 25
    B. Article No 26
    C. Article No 30
    D. Article No 32

Question 21: How many members are from Indian Territories in Lok Sabha?

    A. 10
    B. 15
    C. 18
    D. 20

Question 22: Twigs

    A. Branchwood
    B. Brushwood
    C. Leaf
    D. Undergrass

Question 23: "Can you guess tha name?"

    A. I was asked to guess the name.
    B. You were asked to guess the name.
    C. I was asked that whether I can guess the name
    D. First and Third option, both can be possible

Question 24: He chose to jump ____ it was the only option he was left with.

    A. because
    B. as
    C. with
    D. but

Question 25: n(P)= 23 n(Q)=3 n(PUC)=30. What is n(PnC)?

    A. 4
    B. 5
    C. 6
    D. 8

Question 26: solve:- How many days are there in x weeks x days?

    A. 7x2
    B. 8x
    C. 14x
    D. 7

Question 27: magnestism basic source is

    A. Charged particles alone
    B. Movement of charged particles
    C. Magnetic dipoles
    D. Magnetic domains

Question 28: What is the name of the first law of motion?

    A. inertial momentum
    B. inertial reference frame
    C. momentum of inertia
    D. mechanical inertial force

Question 29: If A is to the south of B and C is to the east of B, then in what direction is A with respect to C?????

    A. North-East
    B. North-West
    C. South-East
    D. South-West

Question 30: What angle is formed when the clock strikes 5:50?

    A. 125
    B. 95
    C. 130
    D. 120

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