Public service commission all state for Today Sunday, 21 April 2019



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Earthquake generates

    A. magnetic field
    B. seismic waves
    C. electromagnetic field
    D. transverse waves

Question 2: What is the scientific study of rivers called?

    A. Riverology
    B. Hydrology
    C. Potology
    D. Potamology

Question 3: Out of these, which is a terrestrial planet?

    A. Earth
    B. Uranus
    C. Jupiter
    D. Saturn

Question 4: What were the markets called in those times?

    A. bazar
    B. mandi
    C. shahana-i-mandi
    D. shahini

Question 5: Who was the main God around which the Bhakti Movement developed?

    A. Brahmism
    B. Vaishnavism
    C. Indrism
    D. Sharadism

Question 6: How was Alauddin Khilji related to Jala-ud-din Khilji?

    A. nephew
    B. son
    C. grandson
    D. minister

Question 7: What is the rank of India in the recently released Global Gender Gap Report 2014?

    A. 113
    B. 114
    C. 115
    D. 116

Question 8: Which of the following books is authered by V.S. Naipalu?

    A. The Rediscovery of India
    B. A House for Mr, Biswas
    C. Witness the Night
    D. Tender Hooks

Question 9: Name the first Bengali newspaper

    A. Samachar Darpan
    B. Samvad Kaumudi
    C. Samvad Prabhakar
    D. Tattvadohini Patrika

Question 10: A person or business whose income is more than the maximum amount, which is not chargeable to the income tax is known as the?

    A. bearer
    B. assesse
    C. non-tax payer
    D. tax payer

Question 11: In first stage of currency, what was used?

    A. metal
    B. paper
    C. bronze
    D. silver

Question 12: Market supply curve is obtained by adding the individual firms supply curve in which fashion?

    A. vertically
    B. diagonally
    C. straight
    D. horizontally

Question 13: Carbon is the abundant element after how many elements, on earth?

    A. 2
    B. 3
    C. 4
    D. 5

Question 14: Which theory is involved in the states of matter?

    A. Bose-Einstein Theory
    B. Einstein-Bose Theory
    C. Curie Theory
    D. Mendeleefs Concept

Question 15: Which component is used to soften water in acidic reactions?

    A. baking soda
    B. potassium hydrate
    C. salt
    D. washing soda

Question 16: What is fish farming known as?

    A. pisciculture
    B. marineculture
    C. aquaculture
    D. bioculture

Question 17: What plays a major role in genetic activity?

    A. sexual reproduction
    B. asexual reproduction
    C. inherritance
    D. hereditary growth

Question 18: In which cell organelle can photosynthesis occur distinctly?

    A. chlorophyll
    B. chloroplast
    C. chlorosome
    D. chloromorph

Question 19: Prime Minister is appointed by the President ---- the statement is

    A. Ture
    B. FALSE
    C. May be
    D. May not be

Question 20: What fraction of total LA members are contained in the LC?

    A. half
    B. one fourth
    C. one fifth
    D. one third

Question 21: In which year was the 12th CAG appointed?

    A. 2013
    B. 2012
    C. 2011
    D. 2010

Question 22: They say that it is better to be safe than be sorry.

    A. Better be safe than sorry.
    B. It is better to be safe than sorry.
    C. They say "Better be safe than sorry".
    D. :Better be safe than sorry is what they say.

Question 23: Smoking is the __________ cancer.

    A. cause
    B. effect
    C. result
    D. source

Question 24: The singer is singing __________.

    A. bad
    B. goodly
    C. sweet
    D. sweetly

Question 25: A boy cycles 4 km to the west, bends rightwards and travels a more of 9 km. He turns towards the East and travels 12 km more. And finally he reaches his destination by travelling a distance of 3 km more towards the South. What is the distance he has covered from the point he had started cycling?

    A. 15
    B. 23
    C. 18
    D. 10

Question 26: tell the relationship Candid is to indirect as honest is to

    A. frank
    B. wicked
    C. truthful
    D. untruthful

Question 27: Newtons laws are based on which arena of physics?

    A. dynamics
    B. momentum
    C. mass
    D. force

Question 28: Practise of measurements is studied in

    A. psychometrics
    B. mathematics
    C. physics
    D. magnitudology

Question 29: what number should come next according to the series 544, 509, 474, 439

    A. 405
    B. 445
    C. 420
    D. 414

Question 30: tell the relationship Yard is to inch as quart is to

    A. galloon
    B. ounce
    C. milk
    D. liquid

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