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  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: When a mass which rotates experiences a kind of force, perpendicular to the direction of motion, an effect is produced. The effect is called?

    A. Rotational Effect
    B. Centrifugal Effect
    C. Centripetal Effect
    D. Coriolis Force

Question 2: What does export of manufactured goods bring to the domestic country?

    A. foreign goods
    B. foreign economy
    C. foreign trade
    D. foreign exchange

Question 3: How many broad classifications are there for the rivers of India?

    A. 4
    B. 5
    C. 2
    D. 3

Question 4: Magadha empire was mentioned in which religion?

    A. Hinduism
    B. Islamic religion
    C. Jainism
    D. Sufism

Question 5: Which Mughal Emperors original name was Jalal-ud-din Muhammad?

    A. Babur
    B. Humayun
    C. Jahangir
    D. Akbar

Question 6: What is the popular meaning of the Mohenjodaro Civilization?

    A. Mound of Death
    B. Mound of Lives
    C. Mound of Greenaries
    D. Mound of People

Question 7: In February 2010, India signed.a civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement with

    A. UK
    B. USA
    C. Japan
    D. France

Question 8: India was the country to develop nuclear powered submarine.

    A. 5th
    B. 6th
    C. 7th
    D. 8th

Question 9: Highest population growth rate in West Bengal, according to 2001 census is found in

    A. Malda
    B. Uttar Dinajpur
    C. Dakshin Dinajpur
    D. South 24-Parganas

Question 10: In which FYP was the TATA Institute of Research established?

    A. second
    B. third
    C. fifth
    D. seventh

Question 11: Which Government rejected the Fifth FYP?

    A. BJP
    B. TMC
    C. CPIM
    D. Congress

Question 12: Who prints money in India?

    A. Financial Ministry
    B. RBI
    C. State Government
    D. Central Govt

Question 13: What type of a fluid is gas?

    A. compressible
    B. incompressible
    C. maleable
    D. immlaeable

Question 14: The first proof of metallurgy was in which millenium BC?

    A. 02 to 03
    B. 03 to 04
    C. 04 to 05
    D. 05 to 06

Question 15: All colligative properties are inversely proportional to which component?

    A. molar mass of solute
    B. molar mass of solvent
    C. boiling point
    D. melting point

Question 16: Which chromosomes are separated in the first division?

    A. homologous
    B. heterologous
    C. monologous
    D. duologous

Question 17: From which language is the word "agriculture" adapted?

    A. Latin
    B. Middle English
    C. European
    D. Russian

Question 18: Suggested bacterial life live in Mariana Trench was reported in which year?

    A. 2011
    B. 2012
    C. 2013
    D. 2014

Question 19:

A man is 24 years older than his son. In two years, his age will be twice the age of his son. The present age of the son is:

    A. 14 years
    B. 18 years
    C. 20 years
    D. 22 years

Question 20: In how many ways can you select four cards, each of a different suit from a standard deck of cards?

    A. 208
    B. 520
    C. 2197
    D. 28561

Question 21: The difference between the compound interest and the simple interest earned at the end of the third year on a sum of money at a rate of 10% per annum is Rs.77.5. What is the sum?

    A. Rs.3000
    B. Rs.3100
    C. Rs.2700
    D. Rs.2500

Question 22: They couldnt make out to the station on time; They missed the train

    A. because
    B. since
    C. so
    D. if

Question 23: Each student of the class are very attentive.

    A. Possessive Adjective
    B. Distributive Adjectives
    C. Demonstrative Adjectives
    D. Proper Adjective

Question 24: She did not want to go the party. She did not have a proper party wear.

    A. She did not want to go to the party as she did not have a proper party wear.
    B. She did not want to go to the party because she did not have a proper party wear.
    C. She did not want to go to the party since she did not have a proper party wear.
    D. Though she did not have a proper party wear, still she did not want to go to the party.

Question 25: A train travelling at 72 kmph overtakes another train twice its length travelling in the same direction with half its speed in 45 seconds. Find the length of the first train.

    A. 300m
    B. 180m
    C. 240m
    D. 150m

Question 26:

Divide 4½ by 6¾.

    A. 3-Feb
    B. 2-Mar
    C. 9-Apr
    D. 5-Mar

Question 27: What is the diameter of a reflecting surface of a spherical mirror called?

    A. radius
    B. curvature
    C. aperture
    D. focus

Question 28: Light is what kind of radiation?

    A. electromagnetic
    B. diamagnetic
    C. paramagnetic
    D. electrostatic

Question 29: Following statement followed by four conclusions. Choose the correct conclusion:
Either Sahin will cook or Salim will bring the food parcel.

    A. If Sahin cooks, Salim will not bring the food parcel
    B. Salim did not bring the food parcel, so Sahin cooked.
    C. Sahin is cooking so Salim brought the food parcel
    D. Salim did not bring the food parcel, so Sahin did not cook

Question 30: "Depending on the information given below, considering the condition in the information:
A cube has been painted. One face of the cube is painted green, two faces have yellow paint in it and three faces have the paint white. 512 identical cubes have been cut out of it.
What is the maximum number of possibilities of cubes having green and yellow faces, out of the big cube?"

    A. 12
    B. 6
    C. 14
    D. 13

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