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  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: What is the distance between Saturn and Jupiter, measured in astronomical units?

    A. 4.3
    B. 4.2
    C. 4.5
    D. 4.6

Question 2: What is the full-form of SODAR?

    A. Sound Detection and Ranging
    B. Sound Direction and Ranging
    C. Sonic Detection and Ranging
    D. Sonic Direction and Ranging

Question 3: From which neighbouring country of India, does the river Kosi arise?

    A. Bangladesh
    B. Myanmar
    C. Nepal
    D. China

Question 4: The founder of a fordable passage which is across the sea is known as?

    A. Sea-deveaour
    B. Tirthasamudrata
    C. Samudrasa
    D. Tirthankara

Question 5: Buddhists of which origin practised Buddhahood?

    A. Chinese
    B. Nepalese
    C. Tibetan
    D. Japanese

Question 6: Lakshmibai was the Queen of which area?

    A. Kalinga
    B. Lucknow
    C. Magadha
    D. Maratha

Question 7: Joint Forest Management was first successful in West Bengal in

    A. Paljhari village of Medinipur district
    B. Bhula village of Bankura district
    C. Natunbandh village Bankura district
    D. Arabari village of Medinipur district

Question 8: Name the international financial institution which controls the exchange value of currencies of different countries

    A. Federal Reserve system of USA
    B. International Bank for reconstruction and development
    C. IMF (International Monetary Fun
    D. None of the above

Question 9: Who became the first Bharatiya Janata Party Chief Minister of Karnataka?

    A. R. Ashok
    B. Govind M. Karjol
    C. H. D. Kumaraswamy
    D. B. S. Yeddyurappa

Question 10: In H-O Model, which of these is a long term assumption?

    A. Land
    B. Labour
    C. Technology
    D. Production

Question 11: Finance aims on pricing assets depending on which factor?

    A. expected rate of returns
    B. value of the company
    C. loans
    D. preference share capital

Question 12: The Income Tax Rules came into force from which year?

    A. 1960
    B. 1961
    C. 1962
    D. 1963

Question 13: which part of an atom was discoverd firstly?

    A. Neutron
    B. Electron
    C.   Nucleus
    D.   Proton

Question 14: Which of the following bond is  a strong bond?

    A. Metallic bond
    B. Ionic bond
    C. Covalent bond
    D. Van der waals bond

Question 15: Which forces does chemical bond result in?

    A. chemical
    B. electrostatic
    C. magnetic
    D. metallic

Question 16: Plants regulate transpiration by controlling the size of?

    A. leaves
    B. roots
    C. pores
    D. stomata

Question 17: Chromosome is derived from a word of which language?

    A. French
    B. Greek
    C. Latin
    D. Russian

Question 18: How many viruses have been discovered and described in details?

    A. 100000
    B. 10000
    C. 7500
    D. 5000

Question 19: The average of four consecutive odd numbers A, B, C and D is 54. What is the product of A and C?

    A. 2907
    B. 2805
    C. 2703
    D. 2915

Question 20: In a cricket match, Rahul scored a century with 13 boundaries and 3 sixes. What percentage of his runs did he make by running between the wickets?

    A. 70%
    B. 50%
    C. 35%
    D. 30%

Question 21: Pipe A fills a tank at the rate of 5 litre every hour. Pipe B fills another tank at a rate of 1 litre in the first hour, 2 litres in the second hour, 3 in the third and so on. After how many hours will the volume of water contained in the two tanks be equal?

    A. 10 hours
    B. 5 hours
    C. 9 hours
    D. 6 hours

Question 22: The workers are very determined on fighting for their dues

    A. No Improvement
    B. have seriously planned
    C. hell bent
    D. have decided

Question 23: He knows hindi ________ English.

    A. beside
    B. besides
    C. with
    D. between

Question 24: The brakes and steering failed and the bus ran down the hill without anyone being able to control it.

    A. The brakes and steering failed
    B. and the bus ran down the hill
    C. without anyone being able to control it.
    D. No error.

Question 25: If 6 men can make 10 sofas in 2 days, then 8 men can make 8 sofas in

    A. 1.8 days
    B. 1.5 days
    C. 1.2 days
    D. 1 day

Question 26:

The sum of ages of father and his son is 45 years. Five years ago, the product of their ages was 34. The ages of the son and the father are respectively:

    A. 6 and 39
    B. 7 and 38
    C. 9 and 36
    D. 11 and 34

Question 27: Who defined the fundamental laws of physics?

    A. Albert Einstein
    B. Issac Newton
    C. Aristotle
    D. Archimedes

Question 28: What is the centre of sphere of a spherical mirror called?

    A. Pole
    B. Focus
    C. Aperture
    D. Centre of Curvature

Question 29: 61 26 87; 24 36 60; 74 ? 76

    A. 22
    B. 2
    C. 6
    D. 12

Question 30: If PS4 = 1619D, what will DI2 be?

    A. 49B
    B. 3641X
    C. PQR32
    D. 12SPID

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