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  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: Which type of rock is the hardest rock in the earths surface?

    A. Sedimentary
    B. Metamorphic
    C. Igneous
    D. Volcanic

Question 2: Earthquake generates

    A. magnetic field
    B. seismic waves
    C. electromagnetic field
    D. transverse waves

Question 3: Which latitudes are covered by Westerlies?

    A. 35-65
    B. 30-60
    C. 40-70
    D. 45-75

Question 4: In which present state was the core or major area of Magadha?

    A. Orissa
    B. Bihar
    C. UttarPradesh
    D. Rajasthan

Question 5: Aryan is a word of which origin?

    A. Greek
    B. Sanskrit
    C. Latin
    D. Urdu

Question 6: In which year the Harappa was discovered?

    A. 1919
    B. 1920
    C. 1921
    D. 1922

Question 7: India is a full member of

    A. NAFTA
    B. E.U.
    C. SAARC
    D. None of the above

Question 8: Sania Mirza`s name is associated with the sports

    A. Tennis
    B. Badminton
    C. Chess
    D. Table Tennis

Question 9: Durand Cup in 2011 was won by

    A. Pune
    B. Churchill Brothers
    C. Shillong Lajong
    D. Air India

Question 10: Which among these is not a parameter of demand?

    A. income
    B. GDP
    C. potential customers
    D. taste and preferences

Question 11: Who made the graphical representation of supply and demand?

    A. John Marshall
    B. Alfred Marshall
    C. William Marshall
    D. Paul Marshall

Question 12: What is rank of Indian economy in terms of GDP?

    A. seventh
    B. nineth
    C. fourteenth
    D. eighteenth

Question 13: What is the structure of iron?

    A. body centred cubic
    B. face centred cubic
    C. edge centred cubic
    D. side centred cubic

Question 14: The basic property changes the colour of litmus paper from

    A. red:blue
    B. blue:red
    C. pink:colourless
    D. colourless:pink

Question 15: what are isotopes? Elements having........

    A. Same atomic no diffrent mass no
    B. Same mass no diffrent atomic no
    C. Same atomic no and mass no
    D. different atomic no diffrerent mass no

Question 16: A component of a cell that breaks down long fatty acid chain using oxygen is known as

    A. ribosomes
    B. mitochondria
    C. peroxisomes
    D. oxisomes

Question 17: Cell wall of meristematic tissue is composed of

    A. cellulose
    B. cytoplasm
    C. protoplasm
    D. cortex

Question 18: Which cells excrete the pancreatic hormone?

    A. Alpha cells
    B. Beta cells
    C. Gamma cells
    D. Delta cells

Question 19: Who appoints the State Election Commissioner ?

    A. Prime Minister
    B. Chief Minister of State
    C. Governor
    D. President

Question 20: The maintaince of the accounts will be according to the law of the state ---- which Article deals with?

    A. Article No 243I
    B. Article No 243J
    C. Article No 243E
    D. Article No 243F

Question 21: Which Part of the Constitution describes the power of centre-state relationship?

    A. 5
    B. 7
    C. 11
    D. 9

Question 22: Shivi _____ hard to earn lot of money.

    A. work
    B. works
    C. working
    D. are working

Question 23: The person who loves books from heart

    A. Bookish
    B. Booklover
    C. Bookworm
    D. Bibliophile

Question 24: The dog ________ an accident last night.

    A. meet
    B. was meeting
    C. met
    D. meat

Question 25: A number which when divided by 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, leaves the remainder 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 respectively. Such largest 5 digit number is :

    A. 99960
    B. 999579
    C. 99539
    D. 99959

Question 26: There are 16 ounces in a pound. How many ounces are in 8(3/4) pounds?

    A. 160 ounces
    B. 140 ounces
    C. 108 ounces
    D. 96 ounces

Question 27: A unit of measurement is what type of quantity?

    A. qualitative
    B. quantitative
    C. physical
    D. standardised

Question 28: As an object gets closer to the focal point of a convex lens from infinity, its image

    A. becomes smaller
    B. is magnified
    C. becomes closer to the lens
    D. becomes farther from the lens

Question 29: What will be the time indicated by the mirror image of the hands of a clock when the clock strikes 10 hours 40 minutes?

    A. 1:25
    B. 1:15
    C. 1:10
    D. 1:20

Question 30: Following pair of words having a relation between them. Choose the option that best suits the relationship exhibited in the question.
Quintessence: Concentrated

    A. Bellicose:Combative
    B. Divergent:convergent
    C. Lens:Magnifying glass
    D. Masterpiece:Appreciation

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