Multi tasking services for Today Wednesday, 08 July 2020



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: From how many major watersheds does the rivers of India originate?

    A. 5
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4

Question 2: What are the small rivers, rising from a major river, called?

    A. streams
    B. sud-rivers
    C. waterbodies
    D. tributaries

Question 3: Which reaction makes the Sun, the main-sequence star?

    A. nuclear fusion
    B. nuclear fission
    C. oxidation
    D. reduction

Question 4: Greased cartridge was initiated in Fort William in which year?

    A. 1854
    B. 1855
    C. 1856
    D. 1857

Question 5: What was King Henry declared in the Royal Act of Supremacy?

    A. King of the state
    B. King of the country
    C. Priest of the church
    D. Head of the church

Question 6: Kalidasa was a poet of which century?

    A. 6th century
    B. 5th century
    C. 4th century
    D. 3rd century

Question 7: The Centenary session of India Science Congress was held in January, 2013 at

    A. Kolkata
    B. Chennai
    C. Mumbai
    D. Emakulam

Question 8: Which one of the following is a medium range missile ?

    A. Akash
    B. Prithvi
    C. Agni
    D. Brahmos

Question 9: The first remote sensing satellite from India was

    A. P6
    B. P4
    C. IRS 1A

Question 10: In which year did the last Deputy Chairperson of the PC resign?

    A. 2000
    B. 2010
    C. 2012
    D. 2014

Question 11: Who introduced the Five-Year Plans of India?

    A. NITI Ayog
    B. Union Commission
    C. State Government
    D. Planning Commission

Question 12: Which is the wealthiest Indian state in terms of economy?

    A. Maharashtra
    B. West Bengal
    C. Delhi
    D. Karnataka

Question 13: In which century systematic studies of carbon compounds were found?

    A. 15
    B. 16
    C. 19
    D. 17

Question 14: Which of the following element is most electronegative?

    A. Iodine
    B. Florine
    C. Chlorine
    D. Bromine

Question 15: Which among these is not a state of matter?

    A. gas
    B. plasma
    C. liquid
    D. vacuum

Question 16: Which organisms do not contain any nuclei?

    A. prokaryotes
    B. eukaryotes
    C. microorganisma
    D. parameciums

Question 17: Scorpions breathe through which type of lung?

    A. branchiostengal lung
    B. branchiole lung
    C. book lung
    D. alveolar lung

Question 18: What type of nutrient is a saccharide?

    A. proteins
    B. carbohydrates
    C. vitamins
    D. fibres

Question 19: Who appoints the Retire Judges on temporary basis?

    A. Prime Minister
    B. Governor
    C. President
    D. President of Supreme Court

Question 20: Right to the Religious Freedom deals with which Articles of Indian Constitution?

    A. From Article No 22 to 25
    B. From Article No 25 to 28
    C. From Article No 28 to 30
    D. From Article No 30 to 33

Question 21: What is termed as "citizenship of right of blood"?

    A. jus soli
    B. jus solangus
    C. jus sanguinis
    D. jus miscicus

Question 22: To me; he must be honest

    A. because
    B. therefore
    C. if
    D. it is a complete sentence

Question 23: Him

    A. Hims
    B. Her
    C. Them
    D. Their

Question 24: I waited for the train.

    A. Simple
    B. Compound
    C. Complex
    D. Negative

Question 25:

How many multiples does the number 24 have?

    A. 8
    B. 6
    C. 12
    D. Infinite

Question 26:

The least perfect square number which divides 20, 15 and 24 is

    A. 3600
    B. 400
    C. 14400
    D. 17280

Question 27: Which scale is used in calorimetry?

    A. theoritically based scales
    B. empirically based scales
    C. Weins displacement scale
    D. absolute zero scale

Question 28: By which process is plant groowth affected by absorbtion of light?

    A. photomorphogenesis
    B. photogenesis
    C. photolysogenesis
    D. photophosphogenesis

Question 29: Two clocks show the correct time at 4:00 PM. One clock loses 3.5 minutes in an hour while the other clock gains 2.5 minutes in an hour. At 10:00 PM, on the same day, what will be the time difference of the two clocks?

    A. 12 mins
    B. 36 mins
    C. 24 mins
    D. 30 mins

Question 30: Following statement followed by four conclusions. Choose the correct conclusion:
India will talk only if the terrorists are handed over.

    A. The terrorists are handed over, hence India will talk.
    B. India will not talk which means that the terrorists are not handed over
    C. India will talk though the terrorists are not handed over.
    D. India will talk which means that the terrorists are handed over

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