Intelligence bureau of india for Today Friday, 17 January 2020



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: What is the rank of Indian rail network, in terms of length, in the whole world?

    A. 2
    B. 3
    C. 4
    D. 5

Question 2: How many Union Territories does India have, at present?

    A. 7
    B. 6
    C. 5
    D. 8

Question 3: Which minerals do not contain metals that can be extracted from ore?

    A. metallic
    B. non-metallic
    C. acidic
    D. basic

Question 4: During which year Indus Valley civilization had been discovered?

    A. 1920 to 1921
    B. 1921 to 1922
    C. 1922 to 1923
    D. 1923 to 1924

Question 5: In which Ashram did the Salt March begin?

    A. Sabarmati
    B. Narmada
    C. Tapi
    D. Yamuna

Question 6: What is the starting year of rule of the Mauryan dynasty?

    A. 318 BCE
    B. 312 BCE
    C. 322 BCE
    D. 332 BCE

Question 7: Joint Forest Management was first successful in West Bengal in

    A. Paljhari village of Medinipur district
    B. Bhula village of Bankura district
    C. Natunbandh village Bankura district
    D. Arabari village of Medinipur district

Question 8: The new Vice-President of India is

    A. B. S. Shekhawat
    B. Najma Heptulla
    C. Hamid Ans:ari
    D. Rasheed Masood

Question 9: The Indian nuclear capable surface-to-surface missile that was test fired from wheeler Island on 19th September, 2012, was

    A. Agni III
    B. Agni IV
    C. Agni V
    D. Prithvi III

Question 10: What is the estimated GDP growth in India in 2016-17?

    A. 8.00%
    B. 8%
    C. 8.20%
    D. 8.50%

Question 11: What is the current surcharge on income tax?

    A. 10%
    B. 12%
    C. 14%
    D. 15%

Question 12: In which year did the last Deputy Chairperson of the PC resign?

    A. 2000
    B. 2010
    C. 2012
    D. 2014

Question 13: Colligative properties are of which substance?

    A. solid
    B. solvent
    C. solute
    D. solution

Question 14: Which two processes are combined in water cycle?

    A. evaporation: condensation
    B. evaporation: transpiration
    C. evaporation: boiling
    D. transpiration: condensation

Question 15: Which is not a fundamental interaction?

    A. Strong
    B. Gravitational
    C. Electromagnetic
    D. Frictional

Question 16: What is the casual study of diseases called?

    A. palentology
    B. pathology
    C. diseasology
    D. delilogy

Question 17: When virus exist in independent particles, what are those viral particles called?

    A. virals
    B. virions
    C. virials
    D. virils

Question 18: Atherosclerosis is a formation of lumps of what component?

    A. lymph
    B. lipid
    C. blood flow
    D. pus

Question 19: Which member of UPSC is an Indian educationist?

    A. Chattar Singh
    B. P Kilemsungla
    C. Prof David Symeiliah
    D. Vinay Mittal

Question 20: Which Amendment Act of Indian Constituion deals with Panchayeti Raj System ?

    A. 70 th
    B. 71 st
    C. 73 rd
    D. 75 th

Question 21: How many years a person may be the President at a time?

    A. 2 years
    B. 3 years
    C. 4 years
    D. 5 years

Question 22: I have been working here __________ last December.

    A. from
    B. since
    C. of
    D. for

Question 23: I got four pens in my birthday.

    A. Transitive Verb
    B. Intransitive Verb
    C. Cant determine
    D. None of these

Question 24: Any

    A. Demonstrative Pronoun
    B. Indefinite Pronoun
    C. Distributive Pronoun
    D. Relative Pronoun

Question 25: Three truck drivers Amar, Akbar and Anthony stop at a road side eating joint. Amar orders 10 rotis, 4 plates of tadka and a cup of tea. Akbar orders 7 rotis, 3 plates of tadka and a cup of tea. Amar pays Rs 80 for the meal and Akbar pays Rs 60. Meanwhile, Anthony orders 5 rotis, 5 plates of tadka and 5 cups of tea. Find the amount paid by Anthony.

    A. Rs.75
    B. Rs.80
    C. Rs.95
    D. Rs.100

Question 26: There are 10 yes or no questions. In how many ways can these be answered?

    A. 1024
    B. 256
    C. 100
    D. 20

Question 27: As an object gets closer to the focal point of a convex lens from infinity, its image

    A. becomes smaller
    B. is magnified
    C. becomes closer to the lens
    D. becomes farther from the lens

Question 28: In which mirrors surface does pole lie?

    A. plane
    B. curved
    C. spherical
    D. oval

Question 29: There are a set of 5 words. Choose the correct arrangement of words in which they will appear in the dictionary.
Amazon, Alligator, Athazagoraphobia, Anaemic, Asian

    A. abcde
    B. badec
    C. adbce
    D. ecbda

Question 30: Here are six sentences. Choose the correct option in which the set of three sentences are logically related.
All buses are taxis. All buses are cars. Some cars are bikes. Some taxis are cars. All taxis are cars. No bikes are taxis.

    A. cdf
    B. abe
    C. cef
    D. acd

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