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  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: A wind is formed by the combination of the two levels of geostrophic wind. What is the wind called?

    A. Thermal wind
    B. Geostrophic wind
    C. Waver wind
    D. Coriolis wind

Question 2: Which are the two directions represented by latitudes?

    A. N and S
    B. E and W
    C. SE and SW
    D. NE and NW

Question 3: Why does Monsoon occur?

    A. Westerlies
    B. Trade winds
    C. Tidal waves
    D. Storms

Question 4: What is the meaning of the root word of Bhakti?

    A. divide
    B. tolerance
    C. non-violence
    D. practicality

Question 5: When did the Indian Rebellion of 1857 end?

    A. 20 th February
    B. 20 th May
    C. 20 th June
    D. 20 th July

Question 6: On which date were the cartridges of revolver made grease free?

    A. 21st January
    B. 27th January
    C. 25th January
    D. 23rd January

Question 7: On May 7, 2008, Agni 3, India`s nuclear capable intermediate range ballistic missile was successfully test fired from

    A. Sriharikota
    B. Pokhran
    C. Wheeler Island of Orissa Coast
    D. Barren Island in the Andamans

Question 8: Who is the present President of Pakistan?

    A. Nawaz Sharif
    B. Raza Rabbani
    C. Mamnoon Hussain
    D. Asif Ali Zardani

Question 9: The Swachchh Bharat Mission was launched by the Prime minister of India in 2014 on the occasion of the birth anniversary

    A. B. R. Ambedkar
    B. Vallabhai Patel
    C. Sarojini Naidu
    D. M. K. Gandhi

Question 10: Market supply curve is obtained by adding the individual firms supply curve in which fashion?

    A. vertically
    B. diagonally
    C. straight
    D. horizontally

Question 11: Who prints money in India?

    A. Financial Ministry
    B. RBI
    C. State Government
    D. Central Govt

Question 12: Minimum wage laws raise the cost of __________ labourers.

    A. high-skill
    B. mediocre-skill
    C. no-skill
    D. low-skill

Question 13: 1. All bases are not alkalines: 2. All alkalines are bases.

    A. only 1 is true
    B. only 2 is true
    C. both are true
    D. none of them are true

Question 14: What does TP stand for?

    A. Temperature Potential
    B. Total Pressure
    C. Temperature Pressure
    D. Total Potential

Question 15: Which steel is used to resist against corrosion?

    A. cast steel
    B. false steel
    C. stainless steel
    D. maleable steel

Question 16: In which organisms, chromatin are not present in cells?

    A. eukaryotes
    B. prokaryotes
    C. erythrocites
    D. parameciums

Question 17: What are quantitative trait loci?

    A. single chromosome
    B. chromosomes in pair
    C. multiple genes
    D. single genes

Question 18: What is disease construed of?

    A. medical effects
    B. medical condition
    C. medical alimony
    D. medical harmony

Question 19: How many Anglo Indian members are appointed by the President in Lok Sabha?

    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4

Question 20: Which Article deals with the population limit of a Gram Panchayet?

    A. Article No 243A
    B. Article No 243B
    C. Article No 243C
    D. Article No 243D

Question 21: Which Article describes the election process of Gram Panchayet ?

    A. Article No 243A
    B. Article No 243B
    C. Article No 243C
    D. Article No 243D

Question 22: He ______ writing the letter carefully last night.

    A. is
    B. was
    C. were
    D. will

Question 23: It will take _______ hour to complete the test.

    A. an
    B. a
    C. the
    D. none of these

Question 24: A complete collection of poems is called

    A. Anthology
    B. Collectionary
    C. Poem Compilation
    D. Poem lines

Question 25:

Find the LCM of the first seven natural numbers.

    A. 168
    B. 84
    C. 840
    D. 420

Question 26:

In what ratio must a grocer mix two varieties of rice costing Rs.16/kg and Rs.24/kg to produce a mixture costing Rs.20/kg.

    A. 1:01
    B. 9:07
    C. 4:03
    D. 11:08

Question 27: in which case is chemical energy is converted into electrical energy

    A. a battery
    B. a generator
    C. a thermocouple
    D. a Potentiometer

Question 28: Imperial units are derived from which units?

    A. French units
    B. English units
    C. US customary units
    D. Russian units

Question 29: Choose the correct option that satisfies the logic behind building the code in the questions.
How is JAM Coded, if MUG is coded as KSE.

    A. HYK
    B. KYH
    C. YHK
    D. KHY

Question 30: When the hour hand moves by 6 degrees, by how many degrees will the minute hand move?

    A. 54
    B. 84
    C. 72
    D. 60

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