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  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: The scientists who study earthquakes are called?

    A. Disaster managers
    B. Geologists
    C. Seismatologists
    D. Seismologists

Question 2: On which city doest the IST line of longitude pass over, in India?

    A. Kolkata
    B. New Delhi
    C. Ahmedabad
    D. Hyderabad

Question 3: What does MONEX stand for?

    A. Monsson Excursion
    B. Monsoon Extermination
    C. Monsoon Experiment
    D. Monsoon Experience

Question 4: The Mughal Empire was a branch of which dynasty?

    A. Tamurid dynasty
    B. Timurid dynasty
    C. Khilji dynasty
    D. Tughlaq dynasty

Question 5: What does the word "Pala" stand for?

    A. nature
    B. purity
    C. protection
    D. bravery

Question 6: Jainism prescribes which path of faith?

    A. Blind faith in GOD
    B. non-violence
    C. moksha or enlightenment
    D. ultimate knowldege

Question 7: The new Japanese Prime Minister is

    A. Shinzo Abe
    B. Yasuo Fukuda
    C. Taro Aso
    D. Hu Jintao

Question 8: The starting point in thinking

    A. Goal
    B. Conflict
    C. Drive
    D. Tension

Question 9: In which river the Nagarjunsagar Project is located ?

    A. Mahi river in Wanakburi
    B. Tapti river in Gujarat
    C. Krishna river in Karnataka
    D. Krishna river in Andhra Pradesh

Question 10: What is the current education cess that is provided?

    A. 1%
    B. 2%
    C. 3%
    D. 4%

Question 11: In H-O Model, which of these factor is assumed to be constant?

    A. Land
    B. Price
    C. Technology
    D. Production

Question 12: Who developed HDI?

    A. Amartya Sen
    B. Mahbub ul Haq
    C. William Hastings
    D. Henry Enfield

Question 13: Which is the visible form of matter on earths surface?

    A. solid
    B. gas
    C. liquid
    D. plasma

Question 14: What is evaluated to generate organic compounds?

    A. organic formulae
    B. organic structure
    C. chemical reactions
    D. chemical behaviour

Question 15: The rays that get deflected in a magnetic field are

    A. only gamma rays rays
    B. Only alpha rays
    C. Alpha and beta rays
    D. Beta and gamma rays

Question 16: How much percentage of Earths atmosphere is nitrogen?

    A. 50%
    B. 65%
    C. 73%
    D. 78%

Question 17: How many years ago was the first development of agriculture?

    A. 11000
    B. 11500
    C. 11200
    D. 11450

Question 18: Chromosome is covered with proteins called ?

    A. amilose
    B. aminos
    C. histones
    D. cytokines

Question 19: How is speed of sound related to absolute temperature?

    A. square
    B. cube
    C. square root
    D. cube root

Question 20: Convex lens always gives a real image if the object is situated beyond

    A. optical centre
    B. centre of curvature
    C. focus
    D. radius of curvature

Question 21: Which is an SI unit of temperature?

    A. Celcius
    B. degree
    C. Fahrenheit
    D. Kelvin

Question 22: Which Article is related to Gram Sabha?

    A. Article No 243A
    B. Article No 243B
    C. Article No 243C
    D. Article No 243D

Question 23: Which constitutional term describes the relationship between state and centre?

    A. Feferalism
    B. Secularism
    C. Sovereignity
    D. Socialism

Question 24: In which Amendment "secularism" was added to the preamble?

    A. 42
    B. 44
    C. 47
    D. 49

Question 25: Tarun, Varun and Arun are working together on a software project. Tarun alone can complete in 100 days. Varun alone can complete in 120 days. Arun alone can complete in 150 days. When working together, how long does it take for them to complete the project?

    A. 123.33 days
    B. 60 days
    C. 50.33 days
    D. 40 days

Question 26:

Ten years ago, A was half of B in age.If the ratio of their present ages is 3:4, what will be the total of their present ages?

    A. 20 years
    B. 30 years
    C. 45 years
    D. None of these

Question 27: Pipe A fills a cistern twice as faster as pipe B. Pipe A was opened when the tank was empty and after an hour, pipe B was also opened. Find the time taken to fill the cistern if pipe B alone can fill it in 8 hours.

    A. 2 hours
    B. 4 hours
    C. 4.5 hours
    D. 3 hours

Question 28:

Divide 100 by half, then multiply it with 5 and subtract 20. What is the result?

    A. 1000
    B. 980
    C. 270
    D. 230

Question 29: tell the relationship Exercise is to gym as eating is to

    A. food
    B. dieting
    C. fitness
    D. restaurant

Question 30: What is the last element of the set consisiting of first ten real numbers?

    A. 9.9
    B. 10.1
    C. empty set
    D. Cannot be determined

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