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  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: How does the earth escape from solar wind?

    A. atmospheric pressure
    B. magnetic field
    C. frictional force
    D. gravitational force

Question 2: How many types of ore minerals are known and discovered till the present?

    A. 2800
    B. 2000
    C. 100
    D. 450

Question 3: How is stress released at the time of an earthquake?

    A. Modified Mercalli Scale
    B. Superposition Principle
    C. Elastic Rebound Theory
    D. Travel Time Lag Theory

Question 4: Who discovered Lothal?

    A. R.N. Roy
    B. R.N. Rao
    C. S.R. Rao
    D. R.S. Rao

Question 5: How was Chandragupta related to Ghatotkatcha?

    A. father
    B. son
    C. grandfather
    D. grandson

Question 6: What is Sangha?

    A. religion
    B. scriptures
    C. teachings
    D. communitty

Question 7: The basis for determination of Dearness Allowance of urban v aried workers and government employees in India is

    A. Wholesale Price Index
    B. Consumer Price Index (CPI) for industrial workers
    C. CPI for agricultural labourers
    D. CPI for urban non-manual employees

Question 8: Queen Victoria became the Empress of India by

    A. Royal Titles Act, 1876
    B. Act of 1858
    C. Councils Act, 1861
    D. Act of 1872

Question 9: Lakshmi Sehgal, who passed away recently was

    A. Famous dancer
    B. Sports person
    C. Veteran freedom fighter
    D. Reputed musician

Question 10: In a perfect competition, supply is determined by __________.

    A. long term costs
    B. short term costs
    C. competitive costs
    D. marginal costs

Question 11: What is the origin of the word from which "currency" is derived?

    A. Latin
    B. Greek
    C. English
    D. French

Question 12: Who was the inaugurated Governor of RBI?

    A. William Hastings
    B. Sir Henry Simson
    C. Osborne Smith
    D. Alfred Forth

Question 13: Which gas among these dissolves in water?

    A. carbon dioxide
    B. carbon monoxide
    C. nitrogen
    D. neon

Question 14: What does VB theory stand for?

    A. Valence Bond
    B. Value Bond
    C. Volatile Bond
    D. Volume Bond

Question 15: What does NMR stand for?

    A. Nuclear Magnetic Reactors
    B. Nuclear Metalic Reactors
    C. Nuclear Metallic Resonance
    D. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Question 16: What does viral infections provoke?

    A. immune system
    B. dietary system
    C. defence mechanism
    D. infection system

Question 17: What is the full form of PNS?

    A. Para Nervous System
    B. Peripheral Nervous System
    C. Physical Nervous System
    D. Physiological Nervous System

Question 18: What happens when cells become cancerous?

    A. dead
    B. living
    C. long
    D. non-dividing

Question 19: What is the maximum limit of population of a Gram Panchayet?

    A. 15 lakhs
    B. 17 Lakhs
    C. 19 Lakhs
    D. 20 Lakhs

Question 20: Who can lessen the punishment of a person?

    A. Prime Minister
    B. Governor
    C. President
    D. President of Supreme Court

Question 21: In which election was the code of conduct introduced in the election commission?

    A. 4
    B. 5
    C. 7
    D. 9

Question 22: The polling was marred at many a place by attempts at rigging.

    A. The polling was marred
    B. at many a place
    C. by attempts at rigging.
    D. No error.

Question 23: Rimi is blessed _____ blessings of her parents.

    A. of
    B. for
    C. with
    D. over

Question 24: My mother is a trained classical dancer. She took only three years to complete her whole training.

    A. and
    B. because
    C. but
    D. with

Question 25:

A man can row at a speed of 6 kmph in still water. He travels a distance of 16 km against the current and comes back to the starting point in 6 hours. Find the rate of current.

    A. 4 kmph
    B. 2 kmph
    C. 1 kmph
    D. 2.5 kmph

Question 26:

Two cubes of sides 5 cm and 7 cm are melted together to form a new cube. Find the volume of the new cube.

    A. 74 cm³
    B. 218 cm³
    C. 400 cm³
    D. 468 cm³

Question 27: which living creature that turns itself into living battery is

    A. star fish
    B. shark
    C. eel
    D. octopus

Question 28: Human mandible is a lever of which class?

    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. 4

Question 29: Here are six sentences. Choose the correct option in which the set of three sentences are logically related.
No fiber is wood. Some fiber is rubber. Some wood is not fiber. Some rubber is not wood. No stick is fiber. All sticks are wood.

    A. eaf
    B. cfe
    C. adb
    D. All of the above

Question 30: Following statement followed by four conclusions. Choose the correct conclusion:
Unless I dont find a good man, I will not marry.

    A. I did not find a good man, so I will not marry
    B. I found a good man, so I will marry
    C. I found a good man, but I will not marry
    D. Both A and B

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