Indian police service for Today Tuesday, 25 June 2019



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: What type of a rock is basalt?

    A. Metamorphic
    B. Sedimentary
    C. Volcanic
    D. Igneous

Question 2: TISCO and BHEL are categorised on the basis of which parameter, of industries?

    A. Bulk and weight
    B. Ownership
    C. Capital investment
    D. Materials

Question 3: From which neighbouring country of India, does the river Kosi arise?

    A. Bangladesh
    B. Myanmar
    C. Nepal
    D. China

Question 4: What was the origin of the general of Alexander the Great, who was efeated by Chandragupta?

    A. Greek
    B. Phillipinian
    C. Czekoslovakian
    D. Macedonian

Question 5: What was the name of Patna during the Magadha rule?

    A. Rajgir
    B. Deogarh
    C. Pataliputra
    D. Peshwar

Question 6: What was Elizabeths designation when she declared the Second Law of Supremacy?

    A. Queen
    B. Governor
    C. head of church
    D. supreme governor of Church

Question 7: "Hindu Mela" was organised by

    A. Nabagopal Mitra
    B. Swami Vivekananda
    C. Swami Dayanand Saraswati
    D. Keshab Chandra Sen

Question 8: With which sport is the name of Armando Colaso associated?

    A. Cricket
    B. Tennis
    C. Badminton
    D. Football

Question 9: Queen Victoria became the Empress of India by

    A. Royal Titles Act, 1876
    B. Act of 1858
    C. Councils Act, 1861
    D. Act of 1872

Question 10: What percent of development is contributed to land rehabilitation of FYP?

    A. 3.20%
    B. 4.10%
    C. 5.50%
    D. 6.80%

Question 11: Which among these is not a function of the state banks?

    A. transactions
    B. loans
    C. print money
    D. investments

Question 12: India became the worlds fastest growing major economy from which year?

    A. 2012
    B. 2014
    C. 2013
    D. 2011

Question 13: Which type of solutions are involved in colligative properties?

    A. ductile
    B. maleable
    C. permeable
    D. volatile

Question 14: Which is the visible form of matter on earths surface?

    A. solid
    B. gas
    C. liquid
    D. plasma

Question 15: what are isotopes? Elements having........

    A. Same atomic no diffrent mass no
    B. Same mass no diffrent atomic no
    C. Same atomic no and mass no
    D. different atomic no diffrerent mass no

Question 16: How does amphibian respires?

    A. skin
    B. lungs
    C. nose
    D. ear

Question 17: What is fish farming known as?

    A. pisciculture
    B. marineculture
    C. aquaculture
    D. bioculture

Question 18: What is the study of tissue called?

    A. tissue culture
    B. tissuelogy
    C. histology
    D. histopathology

Question 19: What is the total member strength of Rajya Sabha?

    A. 236+11
    B. 237+12
    C. 238+12
    D. 239+12

Question 20: What does WIPO stand for?

    A. Western International Public Organisation
    B. World Intellectual Property Organisation
    C. Western Indian Private Organisation
    D. World Ideal Profit Output

Question 21: In which list does insurance belong?

    A. Union List
    B. State List
    C. Concurrent List
    D. Executionary List

Question 22: To get wind

    A. to forget
    B. to fly
    C. express
    D. circulate

Question 23: He ________ to office.

    A. would go
    B. go
    C. went
    D. had gone

Question 24: Share the sweets _______ two of you.

    A. amongst
    B. between
    C. among
    D. with

Question 25:

Divide 50 into three parts such that the first part is twice the second part and the second part is thrice the third part.

    A. 24, 12, 8
    B. 36, 18, 6
    C. 30, 15, 5
    D. 18, 12, 20

Question 26:

In a cricket match, a team loses all its wickets for 242 runs. Excluding the highest and lowest score, the average runs of the other 9 players is 16. The highest score exceeds the lowest score by 86 runs. Find the highest score.

    A. 98
    B. 90
    C. 92
    D. 96

Question 27: What is the Latin form of the adjective of word lever?

    A. lavare
    B. levoire
    C. levare
    D. levour

Question 28: What happens when the voltage on the base of a transistor increases

    A. turn on
    B. turn off
    C. not enough information
    D. remains the same

Question 29: tell the relationship Window is to pane as book is to

    A. novel
    B. glass
    C. cover
    D. page

Question 30: A is an infinite set consisting of A1, A2, A3 and so on. A1 U A2 U A3 U A4… so on = A. What does this imply?

    A. atleast one infinite set
    B. only one set is infinite
    C. atleast one finite set
    D. None of these

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