Indian navy for Today Sunday, 21 April 2019



  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: What is a rock which occurs naturally in minerals called?

    A. igneous rock
    B. sedimentary rock
    C. alloy
    D. ore

Question 2: Which is the worlds second highest Mountain range, after Mount Everest?

    A. Kilimanjaro
    B. K2
    C. Shiwalik range
    D. Himalayan range

Question 3: Out of these, which is an area of heavy rainfall?

    A. Rajasthan
    B. Delhi
    C. West Bengal
    D. Jammu and Kashmir

Question 4: In which region/area did Babur establish himself?

    A. Kuwait
    B. Kabul
    C. Baghdad
    D. Bali

Question 5: Who was the main God around which the Bhakti Movement developed?

    A. Brahmism
    B. Vaishnavism
    C. Indrism
    D. Sharadism

Question 6: In which part of India did Bhakti Movement originate?

    A. East India
    B. West India
    C. North India
    D. South India

Question 7: What was the name of the first Bengali Newspaper?

    A. Sambad Kaumudi
    B. Samachar Darpan
    C. Tattabodhini Patrika
    D. Sambad Prabhakar

Question 8: Human Rights Day is observed on ------

    A. 10th March
    B. 10th July
    C. 10th September
    D. 10th December

Question 9: Salt Lake has become a centre of

    A. Computer Software Industries
    B. IT Industry
    C. Electronic Industry
    D. Engineering Industry

Question 10: In which year did India reach the lowest unemployment rate?

    A. 2009
    B. 2010
    C. 2013
    D. 2015

Question 11: A vigorous monetary economy was created in which century?

    A. 6 to 8
    B. 7 to 12
    C. 5 to 9
    D. 4 to 7

Question 12: What type of cess has been proposed to be imposed on taxable services by the Indian Government, in India?

    A. Samaj Shebi cess
    B. educational cess
    C. secondary educational cess
    D. Krishi Kalyan cess

Question 13: In which year was the VF theory developed?

    A. 1812
    B. 1814
    C. 1817
    D. 1816

Question 14: Which among these is not a state of matter?

    A. gas
    B. plasma
    C. liquid
    D. vacuum

Question 15: What is the origin of the word "colligative"?

    A. French
    B. English
    C. Latin
    D. Russian

Question 16: Which is the process by which sugras are formed from carbon dioxide?

    A. photosynthesis
    B. carbonolysis
    C. carbon fixation
    D. carbonoreaction

Question 17: Shapes of bacteria is determined by?

    A. cytoskeleton
    B. ER
    C. golgi complex
    D. cell membrane

Question 18: What does DEFRA stand for?

    A. Department of Ecosystem Flora and Rural areas
    B. Department of Environment, Food and Rural areas
    C. Development of Environment, food and Rural areas
    D. Development of Ecosystem, Flora and Rural areas

Question 19: What is the term of a LA?

    A. 3 years
    B. 2 years
    C. 4 years
    D. 5 years

Question 20: What is the Retirement Age of a Judge of High Court?

    A. 55 years
    B. 60 years
    C. 62 years
    D. 64 years

Question 21: Office of any Indian consular officer is called?

    A. Indian consultate
    B. consulatation
    C. Indian consulate
    D. consulate office

Question 22: "Look around, there are lot of things you can do." the witch told the children.

    A. The witch told the children to look around as there are lot of things to do.
    B. The witch told the children that they should look around and they will find lots of things to do.
    C. The witch told the children to look around and there are lots of things to do.
    D. There are lots of things to look around and do was what the witch told the children.

Question 23: No sooner I started to school, than it began to rain.

    A. did I start
    B. would I start
    C. had I started
    D. No Error

Question 24: Scarce

    A. Abundant
    B. Copious
    C. Eternal
    D. Disguised

Question 25: A and B started a partnership business investing some amount in the ratio of 3 : 5. C joined them after six months with an amount equal to that of B. In what proportion should the profit at the end of one year be distributed amount A, B and C?

    A. 3:05:02
    B. 3:05:05
    C. 6:10:05
    D. None of these

Question 26: The population of a city increases at the rate of 4% p.a. There is an additional annual increase of 4% of the population due to the influx of job seekers. Find the % increase in population after 2 years.

    A. 8%
    B. 16%
    C. 16.16%
    D. 16.64%

Question 27: The inventor of work is of which origin?

    A. Russia
    B. French
    C. Greece
    D. Rome

Question 28: what are waves produced on the surface of the water called

    A. longitudinal only
    B. transverse waves only
    C. electromagnetic waves
    D. both a & b

Question 29: From a group of 6 men and 8 women, six persons are to be selected to form a committee such that there are at least 2 men and 2 women in the committee. In how many ways can it be done?

    A. 300
    B. 1120
    C. 1050
    D. 2590

Question 30: Which of the following fractions is equal to 0.04%?

    A. 1/250
    B. Jan-00
    C. 1/400
    D. Jan-00

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