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  Total Questions : 30
  Total Duration : 720 Seconds.

Question 1: What is the rank of Indian rail network, in terms of length, in the whole world?

    A. 2
    B. 3
    C. 4
    D. 5

Question 2: Non-Ferrous type of minerals are considered which type of minerals?

    A. metallic
    B. non-metallic
    C. acidic
    D. basic

Question 3: Salt is a solid of what type?

    A. amorphous
    B. crystalline
    C. irregular
    D. rough

Question 4: Who is PAL in the trio LAL BAL PAL?

    A. Ballavbhai Patel
    B. Ravinandan Pillai
    C. Bipin Chandra Pal
    D. Shivaram Pal

Question 5: Raushaniya was founded by whom?

    A. Akbar
    B. Ansari
    C. Alauddin Khilji
    D. Ashoka

Question 6: The Gupta dynasty was a what type of dynasty?

    A. Brahmin
    B. Kshatriya
    C. Vaishyas
    D. Shudras

Question 7: Attack on the office of the satirical magazine Charlie Heb took place in January, 2015 in -

    A. London
    B. Berlin
    C. Boston
    D. Paris

Question 8: Multi-purpose river valley projects are the `New temples of modern India`.The above statement is made by:

    A. Jawaharlal Nehru
    B. Motilal Nehru
    C. Mahatma Gandhi
    D. Rajiv Gandhi

Question 9: ‘Sundarbans’ in West Bengal has been delcared World Heritage site in

    A. 1999
    B. 1989
    C. 1979
    D. 1969

Question 10: What is the present value of Indian currency to US Dollars?

    A. 66.67
    B. 66.68
    C. 66.69
    D. 66.6

Question 11: When was the Reserve Bank of India Act established?

    A. 1932
    B. 1934
    C. 1936
    D. 1938

Question 12: Which is the second wealthiest state of India?

    A. Maharashtra
    B. West Bengal
    C. Delhi
    D. Tamil Nadu

Question 13: Which of the following element is most electronegative?

    A. Iodine
    B. Florine
    C. Chlorine
    D. Bromine

Question 14: In which catalysis, diffusion is rate determining?

    A. homogenous catalysis
    B. heterogenous catalysis
    C. mono catalysis
    D. poly catalysis

Question 15: In coking, catalyst is covered with which product?

    A. protein
    B. plastid
    C. polymeric
    D. sugar coated

Question 16: What type of cells does the thinnest layer of blood vessels have?

    A. endothelial
    B. exothelial
    C. epithelial
    D. exoventricular

Question 17: How does amphibian respires?

    A. skin
    B. lungs
    C. nose
    D. ear

Question 18: What are different forms of DNA sequence called?

    A. chromosomes
    B. heptides
    C. lysaes
    D. alleles

Question 19: How many year / years the duration of Lok Sabha may be extented for emergency purpose?

    A. 1 year
    B. 2 years
    C. 3 years
    D. 4 years

Question 20: Who appoints the Retire Judges on temporary basis?

    A. Prime Minister
    B. Governor
    C. President
    D. President of Supreme Court

Question 21: Who is considered as the Constitutional Head of India?

    A. Prime Minister
    B. Governor
    C. President
    D. Speaker

Question 22: I waited for the train so that I could reach her house soon.

    A. Simple
    B. Compound
    C. Complex
    D. Negative

Question 23: She exclaimed that the matter was silly.

    A. She said, "The matter is silly".
    B. She said " The matter was silly".
    C. She wanted to exclaim that the matter was silly.
    D. She wanted to exclaim that the matter is silly.

Question 24: I _____ my sister love to play chess.

    A. and
    B. but
    C. both
    D. with

Question 25:

A boat takes 30 minutes less to travel 18 km downstream than to travel the same distance upstream. If the speed of the stream is 3 kmph, find the speed of the boat.

    A. 15 kmph
    B. 12 kmph
    C. 10 kmph
    D. 9 kmph

Question 26: A is thrice as good a workman as B and so takes 60 days less than B for doing a job. Find the time in which they can do it together.

    A. 22.5 days
    B. 20 days
    C. 23.75 days
    D. 21.5 days

Question 27: superconductivity in 1911 was discovered by

    A. Alex Muller
    B. Charles Coulomb
    C. Geory Bednorz
    D. Kamerlingh Onnes

Question 28: diameter of an atom is

    A. 10ˆ-10cm
    B. 10ˆ-10m
    C. 10ˆ-10mm
    D. 10ˆ-10µm

Question 29: tell the relationship Careful is to cautious as boastful is to

    A. arrogant
    B. humble
    C. joyful
    D. suspicious

Question 30: P U B = P n B. Which condition is satisfied in this case?

    A. A= empty set
    B. B = empty set
    C. A = B
    D. None of these

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