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Power and Energy JobsPower stations can be referred as power plants, generating plants, generating station, power house and Power stations. Power stations are the suppliers of energy for the industry. Power stations are equipped with generators and rotating machines which converts the mechanical power to electric currents. The motion between magnetic field and conductor produces electric current. The power station uses fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil and coal for generating electricity. Other power station uses nuclear powers. Measures have been taken for using renewable resources such as wind, solar and hydroelectricity.

There are two kind of energy one is renewable and the other is non- renewable source of energy.
The renewable sources of energy are the ones which get replenished with time and are non-exhaustible. The renewable sources of energy are wind, sun, rain, waves, tides and geothermal energy. The renewable sources of energy provides energy for generating electricity, heating of water, transportation purpose etc. The renewable sources of energy are spread over larger area compared to non-renewable sources of energy which are exhaustible in nature. Renewable sources of energy are cost effective and easily available. They are being used by most of the industries to avid pollution and is a step towards stopping global warming. The solar energy which is a form of renewable source of energy is used in generating electricity and also for domestic purpose. Many industries have solar panels which capture solar energy and in-turn helps to produce electricity.The non –renewable sources of energy are exhaustible. They will get exhausted if over used as they are limited. Non-renewable sources are costly as they are very rare and hard to get. They are not environmental friendly and create pollution when used. Non –renewable sources of energy takes millions of years to form. The types of Non- renewable energy are Coal, petrol etc. In some parts of the world they are already exhaustible and thus the industries are opting for renewable sources of energy which are easily available and environ mental friendly.The organisations that are offering government jobs on power and energy are Research Institutions UPSC, SSC, PSC (Public Service Commission) is of two types one is Union public service Commission and another is State Public Service Commission., the article 315 and 323 of the constitution deals with removal of members, composition of members and appointment of members and it has powers and functions to control its members. It is the duty of Public Service commission to advise President regarding disciplinary matters. Public Service Commission conducts examination and recruits candidates from all over India for services . It is also the duty f Public service Commission to conduct state wise examination and recruit the candidates from state and also to advice governor on Disciplinary matters.The states that are offering jobs are Assam, Haryana, Bihar, Arunachal Pradesh, Delhi, Chandigarh, Daman and Diu, Goa, Tripura, Lakshwadeep, Madhya Pradesh, Puducherry, Mizoram, Manipur, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir, Meghalaya, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Karnataka.

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